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Are boob jobs okay for Muslim women?

Many women, regardless of their religious beliefs, are dissatisfied with some parts of their bodies. We take a look at breast enlargement methods, with a focus on what's allowed in Islam.


There are very few women in the world who are 100 percent satisfied with their appearance – and two of the most important areas where most women feel improvement is needed are their weight and breast size. 

Dealing with the problem of excess weight can be a daunting task, but with a bit of effort and willpower losing a few kilos is entirely achievable. However, the same cannot be said for changing one's breast size.

Possible solutions

In order to change the appearance of one's boobs, surgery is the best option, which is fine if you have time and money. If, however, you are a Muslim woman, things can be more tricky . . .

There are also natural oils and herbs like fenugreek that contain oestrogen, which may improve the appearance of a woman's lady lumps. Special bras and chest toning exercises can also be a solution.     

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The question is, are Muslim women allowed to employ any of these methods?

According to the Modest Muse, a website specialising in Muslim teachings, breast surgery is permissible if there is an incidental disfigurement of the breast that is causing severe embarrassment.

Modifying the breasts is also permissible if the shape or size is off-putting to a woman's husband. A Muslim woman may therefore participate in breast surgery as long as it is for health reasons and not for the purpose of making herself more attractive to men other than her husband.

Natural breast enhancing treatment

Any treatment that is administered by a female and does not contain "haraam" (forbidden by Muslim law) ingredients is permissible for Muslim women, as long as the treatment doesn't involve any health risks.

This does not mean that breast enhancing treatment is always permissible under these circumstances – a woman's intentions should also be taken into account. If the surgery is simply to increase beauty and is not requested by the husband then it is not permissible, because it is changing the creation of Allah without a valid reason.

If the condition doesn't pose an urgent health risk, then using natural herbs and creams is a better option as it may be easier than undergoing surgery which involves anaesthesia.

In Islam it is important to differentiate between beautification and removing faults when considering any cosmetic procedure.

Don't rush the decision

Dr Shane Barker, a plastic surgeon at Constantiaberg mediclinic in Cape Town, says part of qualifiying as a good candidate for breast surgery means being realistic about the results of the procedure.

He says that that surgery can be extremely beneficial for a woman's sexuality and self confidence, but that there are also risks. For example, breast augmentation will definitely leave a certain degree of scarring. Women need to consider all the facts before having breast surgery.

Are you considering breast surgery and looking for more information on the different options and procedures available? Ask our breast expert.

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