09 June 2018

5 period apps that make tracking your menstrual cycle a breeze

Know exactly when Aunt Flow is on her way.

Periods can be quite a pain, literally. Sometimes your cycle is like clockwork, you know the moment when Aunt Flow is on the way. Other times you’re stressing because your period is late, which leads to you wondering what your body is up to.

That’s why we can be ever-grateful that we live in the modern age where apps do all the guesswork for us.

Here are five period trackers that will definitely make tracking your cycle way less complicated:

1. Period Calendar

Period Calendar tracks and predicts your period, ovulation and lets you know your chances of falling pregnant on a specific day. Among other things you can also track when you have sex, your moods, weight and discharge. It even has a setting to remind you to take your birth control, which will definitely stop pregnancy scare related stress!

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2. Flo

As a loyal Flo user, I absolutely love this app. To date, it has accurately predicted my period and is a major help when it comes to tracking symptoms. On this app, you can track a variety of things, such as your weight (which fluctuates depending on your cycle), your physical activity – in and out the bedroom – and it will even remind you to stay hydrated. It also gives you daily insights depending on your cycle, so if you’re having cramps on a particular day, it will provide you with tips to help ease your pain. And if you’re pregnant, there’s a pregnancy mode which tracks your pregnancy and provides insightful articles.

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3. Clue

This app was rated the top period tracking app by the journal Obstetrics & Gynecology in the US, so you know its good. Clue says that they use science to help you discover the unique patterns in your menstrual cycle. Like many period apps, you can log your menstrual flow and even the products that you use. Girly frills, not your thing? Clue promises no pink, flowers or euphemisms, just a sleek design for the everyday woman. Clue is great because the more you use it, the smarter and more accurate it gets.

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4. My Calendar

If you love looking at all things pink, then this app is exactly everything you want. You can track irregular periods, weight, temperature, moods, blood flow, symptoms and more. It comes with password protection so you can keep your info safe from peeping eyes. It also has an abstinence mode, which hides ovulation, fertility and sexual activity, making it perfect for those abstaining from sex or teens just starting their period. Not liking the way it looks? It’s totally customisable, so you are in total control of how it looks.

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5. Eve

Eve is super savvy and perfect for tracking your period and sexual activity. It predicts your next period and your chances of falling pregnant on a particular day. It does the usual tracking of your daily habits and moods, and also offers insights regarding women’s health. You can take daily sex quizzes which will have you becoming a sexpert in no time. What makes Eve different from other period apps, is their community. You can chat with other women and share tips and tricks to beat PMS. You’ll also receive reliable information about sex and birth control, giving you total control over your period and sex life.

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