More than friends?

He's a part of your social life and hardly a weekend goes by that the two of you don't see each other. But does he see you as a friend only, or are there some long term romantic possibilities? Are either of you merely waiting for the right moment to take this friendship further, or are you missing other opportunities while flogging a dead horse?

Have you met this man’s parents?

Your bath tap has sprouted a leak.

How often do you spend time together?

Does he question you at all when you go out with other people?

Have you met his friends?

If there is some serious problem in his life – he gets fired or his mother gets very ill, how do you find out about it?

When he talks about the future it

He has a year end function at work for which he needs a partner.

The holidays are coming up and you both have three weeks’ leave.

It’s your birthday.