Are you still wasting time on sibling rivalry?

You may always have been convinced that your brother or sister got more attention, love and money than you did. Now that you are all adults, you still find yourself now and then seething with old resentments. Is sibling rivalry ruining your life?

Your sister earns a lot less than you do and has recently got divorced. Your parents have given her R10 000 to tide her over.

Your brother's child has recently been chosen for the swimming team.

Your brother has just bought a wonderful new Hi-Fi system

You live in Australia and your parents are coming to visit you for Christmas

Your beautiful and talented sister has just had her boyfriend walk out on her for another woman.

Your widowed mother has to have a small operation and needs to be cared for afterwards for about a week.

Your godmother gives you enough money to pay for an overseas plane ticket.

It's your sister's turn to host the Christmas lunch this year. A week beforehand she phones to say she has won a week's holiday in the Maldives, but she has to go over Christmas.

You find yourself in a financial crisis and need an urgent loan.

Your sister, who is a lawyer, was asked by your mother to help her draw up a will.