14 June 2007

Spot ovarian cancer early

Experts have identified a list of symptoms that may aid in the earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

Bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain, difficulty eating or feeling full quickly, and frequent or urgent need to urinate may be early signs of ovarian cancer so women who have these symptoms for more than a few weeks should see their doctors, new recommendations from a coalition of cancer experts suggest.

It was long believed that ovarian cancer gave no warning signs until it was far advanced, which is why it is considered one of the deadliest cancers. The new recommendations are the first official recognition that ovarian cancer does cause symptoms at earlier stages in many women, The New York Times reported.

The new recommendations - from the American Cancer Society, the Gynaecologic Cancer Foundation and the Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists - are expected to be formally announced on June 25.

It's hoped that the new recommendations will increase doctor and patient awareness about early symptoms of ovarian cancer, which could help prolong patient survival and possibly save lives, the Times reported.

The new recommendations have been endorsed by more than a dozen other groups, including CancerCare, Gilda's Club and several medical societies. – (HealthDayNews)

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