15 November 2018

Expired sanitary pad warning

Expired sanitary pads may have unhealthy ramifications because of a risk of bacteria growing on the pad.

In recent raids of shops in John Taolo Gaetsewe District a number of expired items were found – among them were sanitary pads.

Dikwankwetla Service Delivery Forum, the community group that led the raids, said they were not targeting a specific group of retailers but were concerned about the community’s wellbeing.

Health risk

According to Dikwankwetla spokesperson Mary Tongwane, they had found expired Always-branded sanitary towels in tuckshops in the Kagung and Batlharos communities.  

“As a young woman this made me feel that my health was at risk,” she said.

A doctor at Tshwaragano Hospital explained that expired pads may have unhealthy ramifications because there is a risk of bacteria growing on the pad, which could produce a fungal infection. He said it can cause symptoms like itching and an increase in vaginal discharge.

Tongwane suggested that before purchasing the sanitary towels women should double check the expiry date. “It’s important for young women to be aware of the health risks and for society to educate girls around issues of hygiene,” she said. - Health-e News

Image credit: iStock