Updated 19 June 2017

Many Vhembe girls don’t have pain meds for periods

A group of young Venda women have taken it upon themselves to educate schoolgirls about the importance of feminine hygiene.


Many young girls in rural Vhembe lack the information, sanitary towels and sometimes even pain medication they need to take proper care of themselves when they have their periods.

SheReigns has made it their mission to fix the situation by educating young school girls about the importance of hygiene. 

Feminine hygiene

SheReigns was established by students at the University of Venda. It aims to address issues, including teenage pregnancies, HIV and Aids, faced by young girls at primary and secondary schools within the Vhembe district. They also help young women apply for bursaries.

“Most girls between the ages of 11 and 18 are unaware of the importance of staying clean during their periods. And if nobody educates them about this they could end up with infections that might negatively impact on their lives in future,” said SheReigns marketing manager, Mulalo Mudau (25).

The group recently visited girls at Tshikundamalema Secondary, Masisi Primary, Dovho Primary, Madavhila Primary, Masala Primary, Mutele Primary and Tshikondeni Primary with their ongoing campaign set to continue with visits to other schools in the district.

Campaigning for hygiene

“We decided to start the campaign because of the challenges we ourselves encountered while growing up. Some of us never had anyone to tell us how to look after our bodies. We do not want the upcoming generation to experience things the hard way like we did,” said Mudau.

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According to Mudau, the campaign is mostly focused on deep rural schools, where girls are regularly absent from school during their periods because they don’t have sanitary towels.

“Young girls should be able to talk to their mothers, sisters or their female guardians about their periods. No girl should miss school because of not having sanitary towels or because of bad period pains. So we have donated sanitary towels and pain blocks to all the schools we are visiting,” said Mukona Netshifhefhe, a third-year nursing student at the University of Venda.

SheReigns donates sanitary towels which they collect from donors to their projects during their visits to the schools. – Health-e News

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