Updated 20 May 2016

15 ways that winter wins!

The colder months offer some great things to look forward to, like soup, snuggles and comfy socks.

Here are 15 reasons to love winter:

1. Snuggly pyjamas and thick woolly socks

2. Sitting in front of a crackling fire

3. A warm cup of tea / steaming coffee / hot chocolate

4. A glass of Glühwein (hot, spiced red wine)  

5. Flannel bedsheets

6. Cuddling with a loved one

7. Shorter days, longer nights 

8. Staying in to catch up on all your favourite series

9. Lazy afternoon naps on the couch

10. Yummy, hearty soups  

11. A long bubble bath

12. Lying under the covers and getting stuck into a great novel

12. Quality time spent as a family playing board games or building forts in the lounge

14. Skipping the blade for a while

15. Snow – for those who are adventurous enough to head out to the few places in South Africa that get snow fall during the winter months


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