Updated 19 November 2015

12 bad holiday ideas

What's your idea of the perfect holiday? If it involves something you've seen advertised on TV or in a brochure, beware. You could be heading for package-holiday pits.

Dazzling special offers in magazines and on TV can make even the most unattractive holiday destination seem romantic, a bargain, relaxing and the place to be. And who knows?

You might just be lucky and you could have a fabulous time. Also, a third-rate holiday is still better than a first-rate job.

Crowd crisis. Have you ever noticed that on advertisements for package holidays, there are never any signs of crowds? Why would there only be two people on the beach? The answer is unfortunately that there isn't. Either the beach was cleared forcibly by those making the ad, or it was shot on a sunny day in the first week of August. Notice the goose bumps on the models. Cheap holidays attract the crowds and there will be queues everywhere. Even at the public toilets and the ice cream sellers. Be prepared for the throngs.

Tips when organising a holiday

  • Decide beforehand how much you can and want to spend.
  • Choose a destination that pleases most members of the family.
  • Be realistic about travelling times.
  • Have the car serviced before you go.
  • Try and avoid overnight flights with babies or toddlers.
  • Check the internet for pictures of your destination and avoid the surprise element.
  • Choose easy-going pleasant holiday companions.
  • Read the small print on all special offers.
  • See your doctor and get any medication you may need.
  • Take as little luggage as possible.
  • Take comfortable shoes, lots of underwear and clothes that suit the climate.


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