Updated 26 March 2013

Quiz: are you an awesome BFF?

Are you really giving it your all in the friendship department? Learn a little bit about your chummy ways. Right here, right now.


Are you really giving it your all in the friendship department? Learn a little bit about your chummy ways. Right here, right now.

1. Your BFF is crushin’ hard on the Zac Efron look-alike one grade up from you guys. You swore not to tell, but you think you could help match ’em up. So you…
a. Zip it. She’ll move at her own pace.
b. Hint to a select few. You had to tell someone!
c. Blab to your grade-up friends. Your gal will thank you when she’s on his arm.

2. Your BFF IMs you about an older guy she met online and that they’re meeting up IRL. How do you respond?
a. “OMG! SRSLY??? DON’T U WATCH THE NEWS? BAD IDEA, DUDE!!!” and then do anything to change her mind, even if it means threatening to tell her mom.
b. “I dunno, that could get ugly…” and change the subject to something less heavy.

3. Your BFF’s birthday is coming up. What’s the plan?
a. You scored coveted concert tix two months ago. She’ll flip!
b. Maybe her fam will invite you for b-day cake.
c. Oh, it’s her birthday?

4. Your BFF strolls into homeroom with the Dooney and Bourke wristlet you’d die for. How do you deal?
a. Swallow your jealousy and shoot a genuine compliment. It is an awesome little bag!
b. Why even mention it?
c. Completely ignore her. And her dumb wristlet.

5. Your BFF’s cat passed away over the weekend. Your friend is devastated. How do you react?
a. Hop on your bike and head to her house, stopping for tissues and a pint of her fave ice cream.
b. Give her a call to console her until it’s time for Gossip Girl to come on.
c. Cat? You don’t even like cats!

Mostly A’s: Absolute BFF!
You show your best friend a ton of respect and are sensitive to her feelings. Just be sure you’re treated as well mutually! Friendship is a two-way street.

Mostly B’s: True-blue Bud
…But not too-too tight. You don’t always go the extra mile. No need to put the girl on a pedestal, but pouring a little more thought and loyalty into it will seal the friendship deal.

Mostly C’s: Fair-weather Friend
Friendships grow and develop through shared experiences. You have good-bud potential, but you need to make an effort. (BTW, never meet someone from the Internet in person!)

(From the Editors of Girl World Daily)

(Picture: teen best friends from Shutterstock)


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