Updated 03 December 2015

'Condom Challenge' claims its first victim

The internet brought us 'planking', the 'Ice-Bucket Challenge', and now: the 'Condom Challenge'. But it is more dangerous than you think.


A new unusual internet craze has taken social media by storm - and it's called the "Condom Challenge".

How does it work?

A friend holds a water-filled condom above another person's head. When dropped, the condom wraps around the person's face, forming a huge water bubble around their head:

Safety concerns

However, numerous people have raised concerns about the safety of the Condom Challenge, after 17-year-old Emily Stone was reported to have died while attempting the challenge.

The victim, from Austin, Texas, inhaled a toxic combination of lubricant and water, causing her to drown. Medical examiners ruled her death a suicide.

Health24 has not been able to verify the authenticity of this story.

Wrapping an object around your nose and mouth is an obvious danger, but the risk of suffocation hasn't stopped hundreds of teens from posting their own challenges online.

As with other dangerous crazes, such as the "Kylie Jenner Challenge" and the "Cinnamon Challenge", we strongly recommend not attempting the challenge – or at the very least to exercise caution.

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