Updated 12 November 2014

Quiz: are you internet obsessed?

Do you care more about the virtual world than the one around you? Check it out, right here.


Do you care more about the virtual world than the one around you? Check it out, right here.

1. What's the first thing you do when you get home from school?

a. Turn you cell phone on and respond to all the texts you got

b. Check email, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter 

c. Have a snack and take a crack at your homework!

2. It's Friday, and you're looking for fun. How do you find out what's going on? 

a. Text or call my buds!

b. Text, IM and post a status update asking, “What's goin’ on?”

c. You already made plans with your buds at school. You might call to confirm

3. You’re hanging at the mall with your crew. What’s the topic of conversation?

a. Your crush’s profile pics, those adorable boots you saw and what’s hot on iTunes

b. You use your smartphone to send links to your new favorite blog

c. What’s up in art club and the best place to find a new pair of sneakers

4. What does “IMO” mean in text-speak?

a. In My Opinion …

b. Whatev, n00b. Everyone knows that

c. I Make Omelets?

Mostly A’s: Net-inclined, but not obsessed. You have email and maybe a Facebook page, but you're not totally sucked into the online world. You prefer to contact buds via old-school methods: giving them a call (or even text) or stopping by for face time. You've managed to create a healthy balance between online and offline.

Mostly B’s: OMG U <3 INTERNETZ! Addicted much? You’re hooked up, like, 24/7. You’ve got serious savvy when it comes to navigating the Web, but your online interaction is probably leaning toward an unhealthy obsession. Try turning off the devices (yikes!) for a little while and connecting with your buds IRL. Don't worry - Cafe World will await you.

Mostly C’s: Interwhat? You don’t have a lot of time to mess on the computer, and that’s OK. You might use it for research but little else. You’d much rather spend time doing real-life activities, such as extracurriculars for school. But don't fear poking around and getting to know your PC a little better. It's a great way to organize your life, especially when you're super-involved in stuff.

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