13 October 2010

Let your fingers do the talking

Too much texting can have negative effects on teen health.

Teens love texting; just take a look at your teens and their friends, hands glued to their cell phone like it’s a third arm, eyes fixated on the tiny screen, and everything else stands still at the tone of a new message received.

"Teens love to talk and traditionally that's what they did a lot. Now texting has replaced conversation and become a crutch. Texting is often less threatening than having a real conversation. It's easier and quicker. Many teens say they haven’t really thought about why they text rather than talk - they just do it," says counsellor Janine Shamos.

  • Textraphrenia – the mistaken belief that you have heard the beep or felt the vibration of an incoming text
  • Post-traumatic text disorder – when texters walk into things or are otherwise oblivious to what is around them
  • Textiety – the crisis of confidence when time goes by without a text being received
  • Binge texting – sending a blizzard of text to boost confidence


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