20 April 2010

Are you up to speed?

'Tik' (crystal meth) is the latest buzzword in drug circles and is becoming increasingly popular amongst South African school children. It's easy to gain access to, highly addictive, and can have devastating effects on the user. Chronic abuse can lead to out-of-control rages, violence, anxiety, confusion, mood disturbances and insomnia.

Take action:
Look out for the signs of crystal meth abuse: loss of appetite and weight loss, aggression, dilated pupils, rapid speech, anxiety, psychotic symptoms (hallucinations and delusions), headaches, over-confidence, insomnia, changes in dress, friends and slang, and drug paraphernalia, like light bulbs and glass straws. If someone you know is in trouble, contact Narcotics Anonymous South Africa (088 130 0327) for free advice. Early intervention will give an addict the best chances of recovering.


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