12 January 2009

Protect your child's eyes

Did you know that our eyes are ten times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than the skin? Find out how to protect your child's eyes from the sun.

With summer comes the need to protect ourselves and our families from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Most people tend to focus only on sunblock for their skin and are unaware of the fact that the human eye is ten times more sensitive to harmful UV rays than the skin. People should see sunglasses as a necessity for their children, just like using sunscreen.

The cornea, lens and fluids in a child’s eye are much clearer, allowing more light to reach the retina. Therefore, we need to protect children's eyes as much as possible. As people age, their natural lens becomes more protective.

Here are some tips to increase sun safety for kids:

  • Try to avoid being in the sun from 11:00 - 15:00 in summer
  • Do not expose babies younger than a year to any intense, direct sunlight
  • Help teach children to be sun smart and to protect themselves from the sun, as sun damage is irreversible
  • When purchasing sunglasses for your child, always look out for sunglasses with at least 400 UV-ray protection, the CE mark (European Standard) and polycarbonated lenses (these won’t shatter on impact)
  • Avoid toy sunglasses, as they can do more harm than good

- (Keedo International)


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