Do you have a problem with alcohol?

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible. Say whether the following statements are true or false:

My partner has argued with me about my drinking habit.

I have a health problem, which is caused by drinking.

I have been late for work as a result of drinking the night before.

I have lied about being sick when missing work to cover up a hangover.

My doctor has told me to do something about my drinking habits.

I sometimes have a drink in the morning to cover up the effects of a hangover.

I often drink alone.

I have lost friends because of my drinking.

I drink more than other people.

I have clashed with the law because of my drinking.

I have been injured while under the influence of alcohol.

I have lost a job or a partner as a result of my drinking.

I have spent money on alcohol that should have been spent on rent or groceries.

I feel uncomfortable with old friends who are not drinking.

I have done or said things while drunk, by which I was later embarrassed.

Most of my friends drink.

I have had to sell belongings to pay for my habit.

I have resorted to violence towards my family members or friends.

My driver’s licence has been suspended for driving under the influence.

Family members have repeatedly spoken to me about my drinking.

I sleep at odd times of the day.

I sometimes lie to cover up how much I am drinking.

I sometimes wake up still drunk from the night before.

I often find myself drinking more than I set out to do.

While drunk, I let people talk me into doing things I would never have considered if I were sober.