Updated 09 February 2016

No more smoking anywhere at DHL Newlands stadium

Designated smoking areas at DHL Newlands rugby grounds have been closed, and no smoking, not even e-cigarettes, will from now on be allowed.

0 reports that DHL Newlands will, with immediate effect, be a non-smoking venue.

This may come as bad news for rugby supporters who, until now, had four designated smoking areas in the corners of the grounds to escape to when their nerves got the better of them. 

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The decision came after consulting with the City of Cape Town Health Officials and after reviewing current legislation, Act 23 of 2007, Section 2 (1) which states that "No person may smoke any tobacco product in any indoor, enclosed or partially enclosed areas ... which are open to the public and includes a workplace and public conveyance."

And if you thought - that's okay, I'll just puff on my e-cigarette, forget it; the rules prohibit smoking electronic cigarettes too.

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If you are caught smoking anything at Newlands, WP Rugby will be allowed to refuse you admission, readmission or summarily eject you from the stadium.

Maybe now's the time to quit? 

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