Updated 19 June 2015

Use Ramadan to quit smoking

Muslim doctors in the US have suggested that Ramadan should be used as an aid to help people quit smoking.


Since smoking is among the activities that faithful Muslims deny themselves from sunup to sundown during the holy month of Ramadan when God revealed the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad, Muslim doctors are suggesting that they build on that smoke-free time to quit the habit for good.

Muhammad al-Jibaly of CapeTownMuslims writes that smoking was introduced to the Muslim countries by the Europeans around 1000 AH. Its spread among the Muslims was similar to that in the West. The unfortunate fact, however, is that in the Muslim countries, no similar measures were exerted to protect the people from it.

Muhammad writes that smoking is Haram to the Deen (spirit or being) - it spoils a person's acts of worship, such as prayer, and is also harmful to their health, the environment, the family, brotherhood, social relations and property. Allah prohibits any action that causes harm to oneself or to other people. 

Instead of being Allah's slave, a smoker becomes slave to his cigarette.

Since smoking became known to Muslims, all of the great scholars who have the capability of Ijtihad (deriving verdicts in new situations) agree to its prohibition.

Thus, there is no value for baseless opinions, conflicting with this, provided by self-proclaimed lesser scholars.  It's important to note that the prohibition of smoking is not restricted to cigarettes, but applies as well to other objects that have similar effects such as cigars, pipes, water-pipes, sisha, chewing tobacco or sniffing tobacco, etc.

How to quit smoking during Ramadan

1. Rely on Allah sincerely, with full determination not to return to smoking, in compliance with Allah’s command: “When you decide on a certain course of action, place your trust in Allah.”(17)

2. Stop immediately instead of claiming it is best to do it gradually. The gradual approach is the way of one who does not trust his determination and the will power that Allah has granted him.

3. Avoid the bad company of smokers and smoking environments that are full with the smell of smoke.

4. Change the food diet by abstaining from foods and drinks that would entice the craving to smoke such as spices, meat, tea, and coffee; and eating a lot of vegetables and fruits.

5. Use medically tested and established procedures to help stop smoking, as directed by physicians, such as nicotine patches, nicotine gum, etc.

6. Expel the secret whispers of Satan who continuously dictates to the human being that he is weak and incapable of refraining from sinning, as Allah says (what means).

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