Caring for your cat

House-training kittens

Generally kittens are far easier to house-train than puppies. Most kittens are already house-trained by their mothers at the age of six weeks.

You, your cat and the litter tray

On the cute kitty ads for tinned foods on TV, you never see a litter tray anywhere. There's a reason for it – litter trays are not very pleasant things to have around.

How to leash train your cat

At any time of year, particularly summer, it’s not hard to find happy dogs on leashes sauntering along with their owners. Here are a few tips on how to leash train your cat.

Shield your cat from this killer

Cat lover? Then you'll want to protect your feline friends from feline leukaemia virus – a fairly common, highly contagious and deadly disease.

10 things you owe your pet

There is skill involved in being a successful pet owner. So before you take on one, read the advice of the Cybervet forum users.

Common cat health myths debunked

Lots of fibs have been told about felines through the ages. For example, consider the popular notion that it's supposedly healthy for cats to drink cow's milk.

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