Updated 11 March 2016

Earless, abused pitbull terrier tossed over SPCA wall

The SPCA in Bloemfontein reported that an abused and emaciated pitbull terrier suffering from distemper and severe injuries was thrown over the wall into their property, most likely as it was no longer considered 'fit' to fight.


The SPCA in Bloemfontein found an emaciated, abused pitbull terrier that had been thrown over the property's walls. With both ears cut off, extensive injuries over its body and suffering from distemper, they suspect it was no longer 'fit' for pitbull fighting. 

The animal was visibly emaciated and starving, with numerous wounds all over its body.

The dog's head was swollen to twice the size of its body and staff at the SPCA suspect it had either been bitten by another dog or had suffered a severe beating.

The abrasions found on the dog were typical of those that occur when dogs fight, and the aggressor or stronger dog holds the other in a grip on the ground.

To make matters worse, both of the pitbull's ears had been cut off - another sign that he was used in dog fights. 

The dog was also found to be suffering from distemper.

Canine distemper causes symptoms in multiple body systems, including the gastrointestinal tract, respiratory tract, and the brain and spinal cord.

There is no specific treatment for the distemper virus, other than managing the various symptoms and secondary infections. Even with treatment, distemper can be fatal.

Dog owners across the country are urged to have their dogs vaccinated against distemper every year. 

The SPCA noted that it was clear that the dog had been kept in a small enclosure for quite some time, evident from the fact that his toenails had grown extremely long. 

He had also suffered injuries to his testicles, which point to a possible botched attempt to castrate him. 

They believe the dog was no longer fit for dog fighting, which made its owner abuse and neglect the animal.

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Reinet Meyer, spokesperson for the Bloemfontein SPCA, said that sadly the pitbull had to be euthanised because of the distemper and its extensive injuries.

Bloemfontein SPCA are urging the public to contact them should they have any information regarding the dog's owner. All information will be kept confidential. 

Call Bloemfontein SPCA on: 051  4473801 or visit the Bloemfontein SPCA Facebook page.

Goodbye brave dog: the pitbull found at the SPCA in Bloemfontein

pitbull fighting bloemfontein

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