Updated 31 January 2014

When last did you dance naked in front of your pets?

There are things every one of us should do at least once a year – if only to remind ourselves that we are alive. Remember who you used to be, get a good babysitter


There are things every one of us should do at least once a year – if only to remind ourselves that we are alive. Remember who you used to be, get a good babysitter – if you need one, that is, and let the games begin.

  • Go for a long walk in the rain – who cares if your underwear gets soaked?
  • Go away for a weekend, but don’t decide on a destination beforehand. Just get in the car and see where it takes you.
  • Go and watch two movies in one day and have a pizza and some wine in between. Read all your old love letters.
  • Get up early and watch the sun rise.
  • Go to an outdoor symphony concert.
  • Phone an old friend you have not spoken to for ages.
  • Wear something outrageous and different to what you would usually wear.
  • Reread your three favourite poems and books – preferably in bed or in front of a fire.
  • Go for a long walk next to the ocean.
  • Swim when it is raining.
  • Buy something you don’t need at all, but would like to have anyway.
  • Phone an old boyfriend on his birthday.
  • Let the dog sleep under the duvet on a really cold night.
  • Talk through the night to someone you really care about and only go to sleep when the birds start chirping.
  • Invite the nice new person at work for dinner – don’t just promise to do it.
  • Eat oranges and broccoli and chocolate fudge and boerewors for supper – just because that’s what you feel like.
  • Go and see a play or a live concert.
  • Spend an hour on the phone to your best friend gossiping about someone you know, preferably your boss or your mother-in-law.
  • Have a picnic.
  • Go to a restaurant you have never been to before.
  • Go for a massage or aromatherapy.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Ask your hairdresser what he would like to do with your hair.
  • Use some of your hard-earned savings and suddenly decide to go and see your friend in Milan or Kimberley or Marrakesh.
  • Learn to let the dishes stand for a day.
  • Sign up for singing lessons, dancing lessons, or judo classes, or paper marbling, or live drawing, or writing classes, or Tai Chi.
  • Put in suddenly for a day’s leave and go camping in the wilds or in a nature reserve for a long weekend (no toddlers in nappies allowed on this trip – that’s what grandparents are for).
  • Go to a nursery and buy some plants, even if they are for the balcony of your flat.
  • Go to the local tourist information bureau and pretend for one weekend that you are a tourist in your hometown. Visit the museum, climb the mountain, visit a goldmine, or crocodile ranch, or take a township tour.
  • Invite ten very dissimilar people to a dinner party. Drink a tranquiliser beforehand.
  • Commit one hour a week of your time towards helping others in some way – whether volunteering at a community organisation or visiting your mother’s aunt in an old-age home.
  • Buy flowers for yourself.
  • Go out for the evening and say “Expect me when you see me” as you leave.

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