02 August 2019

WATCH: Her dog helped her walk again after she became paralysed – 9 years later she returned the favour

Her dog Tilly helped her through tough rehab after she was temporarily paralysed - nine years later, with the beloved animal struggling to walk because of ligament disease and a left shoulder that was detached from the socket, she got a chance to return the favour.

Gerri Hickman was temporarily paralysed from the chest down, and faced months of physiotherapy after a terrifying attack of rare Guillain-Barre syndrome.

But, her dog Tilly helped her through the tough times, often it waser need to go for a walk which motivated Hickman to get up and about.

Nine years later circumstances would come full circle, when she Tilly having mobility issues

Struggling to walk, she suffered from ligament disease and her left shoulder was detached from the socket

This time it was Gerri who would have to be the helper in a long toad to recovery: “I couldn’t give up on her after she refused to give up on me”.

Image credit: PA