Updated 19 April 2016

Township dog left for dead on nylon rope

The SPCA rescued a dog in an informal settlement in Bloemfontein where it was being slowly strangled by a nylon rope.


During routine pet health work in an informal settlement in Bloemfontein by the SPCA a mongrel sheepdog was found left for dead. 

Maggots already visible

The dog was found tied with a very short nylon rope tied to a washing line pole.

The nylon rope was tied so tightly around the animal's neck that it had carved a large, deep cut into its neck.

The rope had worked its way into the flesh and the wound was putrefying. Maggots were already visible on parts of the animal's neck. 

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The 43-year-old owner's excuse was that the dog is very fierce and he had trouble controlling it and that is why he tied it up.

The dog was immediately confiscated and taken to the SPCA where it was examined by a vet. It is currently under intensive treatment. 

A charge of animal cruelty has been laid against the owner.

We're living in the 21st century and it is completely unacceptable that an animal should suffer in this way. Nowadays there are so many resources, people and organisations involved with animal welfare that an owner has no excuse for this kind of abuse. This a typical case of wilful cruelty and the culprit must appear in court.

SPCA greetings

Reynet Meyer, senior inspector SPCA: 082 92 32 639

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