Updated 15 May 2014

Watch family cat save boy from violent dog attack

A simple house-cat rescued a 4-year old boy from a savage dog attack, potentially saving his life.

The boy was riding his bicycle outside the front of his own home when he was brutally attacked by an unattended dog.

The canine, reported by NBC to be a Labrador/Chow cross-breed, snuck up behind the boy before launching the attack. Latching his teeth into the child's leg, the dog was in the process of dragging the child into the street when the dramatic rescue took place.

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The family cat, Tara, sped out of the garden and charged the dog, startling it into letting go of the boy. The cat then proceeded to chase the attacker down the street before returning home.

By this time the dogs teeth had already caused deep lacerations in the boy's leg, some as long as an adult's finger. Had the attack gone unnoticed it could well have turned fatal. Last year 30 people were mauled to death by dogs in the US, most of whom were young children or babies.

The boy's mother had been watering plants in the garden at the time of the attack she rushed out to help but by that time her feline friend had saved the day. She then called 911 and the boy was taken to hospital and needed 10 stitches for his wounds. 

Fortunately, the boy looks set to make a full recovery.

The entire episode was caught on security cameras, watch the full video below:

Source: NBC

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