14 April 2011

Poorly pets? Cybervet helps

Hairballs, itchy skin, allergies and ticks: here are some new questions answered by Cybervet.

Your pets may not be able to tell you exactly what's wrong, but you know when they're not feeling well.  Repetitive scratching or licking, losing their appetites or not allowing you to touch a certain area - these are all signs that something is amiss.  Cybervet answers more of your pet-health questions.

I have a 7-year old female cat (average domestic shorthair) in excellent physical condition. Recently she has been spitting up hairballs on a daily basis, this has been going on for the past 2 weeks. I've changed her food, but it didn't help. I then started giving her a lubricant that I bought from my pet-store, but this only seemed to help for a day or so. 

The reason I'm worried is that this seems to be a daily occurrence, while in the past it happened perhaps once a month. I also feel completely helpless, because (a) she absolutely won't let me brush her at all, and (b) I have no idea if she is constipated (she's a bit of a private kitty and usually does her business where I can't see it).

Is this normal? should I be taking her to a vet? In the past 7 years this has never happened, so I'm really worried now. Otherwise she seems to be doing well, she doesn't seem to be ill or acting outside of her normal character.  What can I do to help her?


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