14 November 2007

Medical aid scheme for pets

A medical aid scheme for cats and dogs has been launched in South Africa.

A medical aid scheme for cats and dogs has been launched, the company behind the initiative said on Wednesday.

"It's hard enough for us as humans to wade through the multitude of options available to us from the various medical aid offerings, so a simple one for dogs and cats is as essential for their owners," Medipet SA said.

It has launched an "easy to understand" medical aid with a monthly premium which covers veterinary costs of up to R25 000.

"For a monthly premium of just R125 for dogs and R115 for cats, not only will this be good for owners' pockets, but also for the welfare of their pets," said Medipet managing director Richard Neville.

The medical aid would prevent pet-owners from ignoring problems with their animals due to the high cost of veterinary examination and treatment.

"Medical cover for pets is commonplace overseas and whilst a few companies in South Africa have tried to offer various products, neither pet owners or vets have used them in any great numbers mainly due to the complicated plans and schemes on offer," said Neville.

He said there was one other pet medical aid scheme in the country.

A vet from the Honeydew Animal Clinic said a few of their clients were on medical aid schemes, Petsure in particular.

"I think it works well and does help a lot," she said.

Many people take "short cuts" with treating their pets due to financial constraints and a medical aid scheme could help prevent this. – (Sapa)

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