Updated 25 January 2016

Is this the biggest, cutest dog yoga class ever?

270 pairs of dogs and their owners took part in a doga (dog yoga) class for just over half an hour in Hong Kong. This was in attempt to break the world record for the biggest dog yoga class.

Doga is a partner yoga class for dog owners and their pets. It's benefits include reducing your dog's stress and anxiety.

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The classes are have amazing benefits for the mental health of pets and humans and many people claim to have a stronger connection with their dog as a result of doga.

Reuters reports that in January 2016 a new world record for the biggest dog yoga class was attempted in Hong Kong. 270 pairs of dogs and their owners took part in a doga class for just over half an hour. Participants massaged and stretched their pets in various poses during the class.

The record breaking attempt had yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records but organisers were confident the record had been broken.

The video below shows what the massive doga class looked like:

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Sources: Reuters, Health24


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