Behavioural problems

Puppies and shoe-chewing

Chewing is perfectly natural behaviour in puppies and even adult dogs. But dog owners can save their shoes with these straightforward tips (and by staying calm…)

'My dog messes in the house'

This user's dog has suddenly started messing in the house again at the age of four. Read what the Animal Behavioural Expert has to say.

Why does my dog do this?

If your dog's behaviour is puzzling you, find out from Health24's Animal Behaviour Expert why it is doing these odd things. There's a reason for everything.

Cats vs. dogs

When a new pet is introduced into a household there is a natural recipe for fighting. Sometimes this can take the form of a cat becoming aggressive towards a dog.

Pooch etiquette

Want to teach your pooch some basic manners and tricks but don't have the time or money to take him to puppy school? Here's what to do.

Fighting dogs

Many users in the Cybervet forum complain that their dogs are fighting with each other. What can pet owners do to sort this out?

Dog vs. new cat

You've just become the proud owner of a lovely kitten and you're on your way home. Problem is, Caesar, your basset hound, is awaiting your arrival with bated breath.

Put your pet on a diet

A survey recording the weight of South African animals has found that over 30% of SA pets are overweight.

Toilet training your dog

If there's a problem with your puppy or dog messing in the house, use this information to find out why. When the cause is identified, it's easy to find a successful solution.

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