Skin Conditions

How your body will age

Yes, your body will deteriorate with age. Here are the basics of what to look out for, and some hints on how to slow the process.

Anti-ageing Expert FAQ's

Studies show that good-looking people earn more, so what can you do to highlight your beauty? Write to the Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine experts for advice.

Ageing of the skin

Ageing is an inevitable part of life. According to the law of nature, everybody will age, but some quicker than others.

Anti-ageing: Beating the clock

What exactly is behind the process of ageing? More importantly – can we slow things down a bit? Blame ageing mainly on those three little letters: DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

How to manage sensitive skin

Is your skin dry, red and irritated? Then it's most probably sensitive. Here's how to pinpoint what's really getting under your skin and recapture a happy complexion.

How to care for dry skin

After a typical summer weekend, your skin looks like the Karoo without the windmills, sheep and fences. Here's what to do.

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