19 December 2012

Prevent jet lag

Planning a to travel abroad? Don't let jet lag ground you.


Planning a to travel abroad? Don't let jet lag ground you. Even though jet lag is an inevitable side effect of airplane travel, especially when crossing multiple time zones, steps can be taken to minimise its unpleasant effects.

Take action:
Make sure you get between seven and eight hours sleep per night in the week preceding your trip; drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated during the trip – and avoid alcohol and caffeine; consider using short-acting benzodiazipines such as Imovane/Dormicum/Dormonoct to induce sleep during the plane trip – these won't make you feel groggy; when you arrive, adjust your daily routine to the new time schedule as soon as possible; spend time outdoors upon arrival – bright light can “advance” your body clock; and plan your vacation schedule, so you don't try to do too many things for the first two days of your trip.




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