Updated 30 April 2013

Are you stressed to breaking point?

Find ways to relax when the warning signs of stress start.


A racing heart and clammy hands are not the only signs that you may be stressed. There are many hidden signs of stress, and these include forgetfulness, dandruff and excessive sweating. Life is stressful. There's no getting away from it. But you do need to learn to interpret the signs that it may be time for a break, a massage, or a weekend away.

Earning a living is important, but endless overtime will just push you closer to your first heart attack. It's simply not worth it. You need to be kind to yourself. Find a way to relax, whether it's from a session at the gym, taking the dogs for a walk, or having a massage. Unfortunately eating, drinking and watching TV don't count. They actually just end up stressing you out more. 




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