31 May 2012

What I have learnt from my dad

Fathers have taught us many things ranging from health issues to life in general. Some of our readers share their ‘daddy health’ stories.


Fathers have taught us many things ranging from health issues to life in general. Some of our readers share their ‘daddy health’ stories.

Integrate fitness and life

One of many things I learned from my dad about vitality. He has been amazing in managing to keep his body fit up until today which also happened to be his Birth Day. How many people can do a hand balance on the rods at 73!

He was a gymnast in his youth until about 24, when I came along and he had to channel  his energy into home matters. But right through his rich life he managed to preserve healthy body by Listening to it and act accordingly. For example he eats until full, not eat late in the evening and doesn’t like to go to bed on full stomach. He rest when body needs rest, and moves when he can.

But what I particularly like about lifestyle that he does things in a balanced way and that exercise has never becomes a big focus in his life. He managed to integrate it into his life in such way we don’t even notice how and when he does it. A few push ups & stretches in the morning,  cycle here and there with a friends and walking when he can instead of driving. He is not scared of physical labour and this lifestyle has kept his body strong right until his ripe age without running marathons or visiting gym.

 A few years ago a few of his gymnast buddies from the past called him up to join their practise. They meet every Monday for an hour from 21h00 – 22h00 for a practise filled with fun and laughter, followed by a drink and a chat. They do some amazing forms and are often called to do a performance and interviews to inspire young and old around Slovenia. I am really proud of him  


Love and respect

I don't have much to say about what my dad has thought me. I grew up with my mom as dad had another family to take care of. Unfortunately my DAD is no longer around and he always taught us brothers and sisters to be united and stand together. Having love, respect, trust, honoring each other. I dearly miss him as things are not going as he wanted it to be.

I am proud though to say that I am a Father of four and teach my kids the values my DAD thought me. And I also honour my Mom as she grew me up to be the man I am today.

He was a mentor

A father’s smile that never got to disappear in my mind. As I grew up he would ask me about the type of boyfriend I would prefer and the answer would always be a man who does things similar to you. When I bought my first car,we travelled together to work. We talked and arranged surprises for my mother for her birthdays and mother's days.

He would talk about his daughter as if I am still a 16 year old, and when his colleagues got to see me, they got surprised because in their minds, I am daddy's little girl. What a mentor he was to the community and I sometimes got jealous of sharing him.

 He gave himself to the development of the community through reading and singing. As a librarian, stories were read to us every night and as a church choir member, we were reminded that if you can talk, praising God in song is not a problem. My three brothers were very proud to mention that they are Joe Seale's sons.

Have fun

What a friend he was. I learnt  to always:

  • Be gentle to your heart, forgive and learn from the mistake.
  • Have fun be the best in whatever you do, your body will stay young
  • Never forget to love irrespective of circumstances. Your stress will be less.
  • Keep your mind working so that old age won't catch up with your memory.
  • Listen and talk when necessary to lighten your heart.

Drink lots of water

My Dad was and still is a very busy body.  I can count on my one hand how many times I saw my Dad with a glass of alcohol, he said he stopped smoking a few months I was born, it should be unhealthy for me to be around him when he is smoking.  My dad would drink only his tea and lots and lots of water a day, I remembered in his garage he will always make some space for me to sit and help him, he always show me how to fix some stuff. 

The best times of my life with my dad, when we went swimming and always walking in the field looking for flowers for my mom.  I also remembered he never used any pain killers he said, you need to do the opposite what you done when you got the a headache

Jessica Burger

Trusting God

My dad was a musician, and he was full of life and laughter. He believed that we should not be deprived so he did whatever he thought necessary to indulge us.

I have learned from my Dad, that:

  • Life is about Living
  • Eat to Live and not Live to eat
  • Take walks and run around with your kids.
  • Make time for Family and yourself
  • Do not judge others lest you be judged
  • Prayer and good living, honesty and reliance plays an integral part of your life.
  • Do everything you do to the best of your ability and never give credence to negativity.
  • Success makes a man but failure makes him try harder.

He also taught us that when we make mistakes, it is more important to understand and learn from that instead of berating yourself.

Laughter the best medicine

My father use to love laughing.  He would have this one friend, that would call him so now and then, and they would laugh so loud, all of us in the house would start to laugh with him, even though we could not hear any of the jokes his friend was sharing with him.  He suffered with asthma and would end up coughing and puffing, but this did not stop him from laughing even harder. 

My father was a very jolly person and could not say no to people. I learned from him that sometimes laughter is the best medicine! It surely helped our household.  He has passed on, but his laughter still rings in my ears.

Felicity Goodman

Learning from your past

My Dad was in Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany in WWII.  It really messed up his body.  Later on he smoked and drank until he had his warning heart attack.  He had a bypass and gave up all the bad stuff.  Now he is nearly 79, lives in France, still runs his own business.  He  is healthy and wise. My Dad is my inspiration.  He uses the lessons of the past to live the present. 


Do’s and don’ts

  • I learnt to always have breakfast.
  • Sit down when you have a meal.
  • Eat slowly and chew your food well.
  • Do not drink water with your meal.
  • Do not go and sleep straight after a meal.

Vanette Piccaro

Don’t be greedy

My lesson leant was – do not “chase” for money, this would bring a burden upon yourself.

Meaning – you are given/earned/being rewarded/excelled to this position due to your karma and then to blindly strive to achieve the unachievable will bring hardship and pain to you and your loved ones.

V Boodraj

(Health24, May 2012) 

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