26 July 2010

Trapped in your fort?

Your house is a fortress. Bars, alarms, spikes, gates. No one can get in. But can you get out?

Your house is on fire and you need to get out quickly with your children and your pets. But how? Every door and window has burglar bars or security gates to keep intruders out. But now it’s keeping you in – and in your panic you can’t find the keys.

Are we just paranoid? The stats say no. Statistics show that over the last 10 years there was an increase in the following crimes: murder, robbery with aggravating circumstances, burglary at non-residential premises, commercial crimes and theft of motor vehicles.

  • Only install security devices from accredited security companies. Cheap imitations could cost you your life.
  • Install smoke alarms in your house as these will give you early warning of a fire.
  • Install some burglar bars that can be unlocked from the inside.
  • Keep security door keys in accessible places known to everyone in the house. But these must be out of reach of someone from the outside.
  • Have electric gates and garage doors serviced and tested regularly to make sure that they do not malfunction.
  • Unless you really know what you’re doing, don’t try and install security devices by yourself – leave it to the professionals.
  • Remember that an alarm linked to an armed response is only effective if your telephone is in working order (unless you have a radio alarm). Pay your phone bill!
  • Make sure that your children know what to do in a crisis. Have a fire drill.
  • Kids should be made aware of the dangers of electric fences, wall spikes, electric gates and doors.
  • Consider installing a perimeter alarm on your property if you don’t want to change your home into a fortress. This will give you early warning of an intruder.
  • Invest in a reputable armed response company who will come to your rescue when there is a crisis.
  • Be vigilant.



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