26 April 2010

Day 21 of Life 2 the Limit

Day 21 story


As the post-food energy declines again, they’re introspecting and examining their lives in the ‘real’ world. But Saul’s battling with the sugar demons.


Saul, who had been relishing hunting his own food and living in rhythm with the tides, is definitely regretting the junk food binge of Cokes, chips, chocolate cake and pancakes they had on Day 19 for Nick’s birthday.

His body, which was finally stable and used to the limited food, is rebelling, and that’s affecting his state of mind.

‘I mainlined more sugar today and then slumped to a brain-dead grumble for more, foraging as slowly through my stash as my residual willpower allowed…

For the last three days, I have been ratty from hunger, slumped against a tree, without motivation or will to pursue all the opportunities this unique experience is presenting me. As my productivity has declined, so my critical self-discipline and driven character has intervened with feelings of worthlessness, unmet expectations, frustration and sadness.’

The rest are also feeling the effects of the withdrawn energy. Joe and Maya both talk of their tiredness, and Huenu writes: ‘All I can do all day is lie on my sarong, write and think, but I can’t sleep because the ants and bugs are endless, no matter where you lie down, and sleeping inside the hammock is way too hot. So I twitch every five seconds, flicking off yet another ant with my eyes closed, hoping that it will make me feel a little less tired.’

I’m sure Nick is also exhausted, but his sense of humour is still going strong at least. His blog is a message to his friends and family, who gave him motivational notes to read while on the island. In a reply to one he says: ‘The only guts and chutzpah I’ve got are the ones I’ve eaten.’

They’re all in limbo as they sit out the rest of the 30 days, but as they’ve stepped out of their ‘normal’ lives, they’re using the perspective it brings to re-evaluate their circumstances and examine how much they invest in what perhaps is not so important in the grand scheme – and that’s a lesson we can all learn from this.



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