21 April 2010

Day 18 of Life 2 the Limit

And so it’s happened. Five people are leaving the island – and there’s a delivery of some serious food on its way.

And so it’s happened. Five people are leaving the island – and there’s a delivery of some serious food on its way.

Five people have chosen to leave the island with the next boat: Angi, Lisa, Matt, Jono and Kristen are on their way, leaving Huenu, Maya, Saul, Nick and Joe behind, hoping to endure the rest of the 30-day period.

There’s no doubt this was coming, especially for the three ‘explorers’ – Angi, Lisa and Matt, who felt that since their island exploration plans were vetoed, they could no longer fully live Life 2 the Limit.

Jono is battling a recurring back injury that’s had him man-down for the last day or two, and Kristen is concerned about the toll this extreme starvation is taking on her body – not to mention the fact that Angi and Lisa’s supply of rice, mung beans and lentils, which has been supporting both Jono and Kristen as well – has now run out.

But if that hasn’t changed the dynamic fundamentally, another decision is powerfully altering the way this adventure unfolds.

Day 19, the day of the next boat, is Nick’s birthday. Along with charged batteries, I’m delivering – on request – a chocolate cake, five packets of Oreos, 10 cans of Coke/Fanta/Sprite, three large packets of chips, a chocolate bar, a pineapple, and 10 tuna and cheese pancakes.

I have been assured that the decision to introduce food to the island experience has been well thought through, and although I suspect the decision was not unanimous, clearly no-one argued so strongly against it that the plan didn’t go through.

Having food delivered – as a treat rather than in a dire emergency – changes the basic premise of Life 2 the Limit, which at the outset was about living off the land, surviving on what the island could give them. The explanation offered is that, contrary to expectations, the island could not provide for the group, which in some way justifies the delivery.

This food has helped cement the decision to leave.

Kristen wrote: ‘Huenu and friends have decided that Nick’s birthday is a good excuse for food to be brought in by Adelle. So everyone will get a treat, so to speak – a pop, some junk food, and a birthday cake to share. As far as I’m concerned, as hungry as everyone is, it fundamentally changes the challenge. We are no longer living off the land.’

Jono commented: ‘For me this fundamentally negates the basic premise of Life 2 the Limit. I therefore feel there is no need for me to stay longer.’

I suspect at least some of them would have left the island anyway, so the devils among us could argue that the food delivery gave them a noble reason to pack their bags.

That said, the five have undeniably accomplished a major achievement, and they’re leaving at a logical point – as this survival challenge turns a page, with the delivery of food, into something new.



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