Updated 27 February 2014

Are these men's worst habits ever?

Leaving beard shavings in the basin, farting and finding it funny, clearing the throat, fidgeting in private places and clipping toenails in the lounge are some of men's worst habits. Which one irks you most?

The saying goes that a good habit (washing your hands before eating) is as easy to form as a bad one (digging for diamonds in your nose), yet it's the bad ones that irk us most and by all accounts they are the hardest to ditch too. 

Habits occasionally differ among men and women, although sometimes they remain the exact same.

From a guy's perspective, the most common habits (both good and bad and no offense intended) are: scratching their backs, stretching their arms, leaving the toilet seat up, whistling, clearing throat, fidgeting in private places (if you get my drift), snoring, leaving beard shavings in the basin, walking up straight, obsessed with building muscle, scratching their heads, clipping toenails in the lounge etc.        

We took to our Facebook page and asked our female followers: 'What do you think are men's worst habits. Your husbands, friends, sons, what do they do that drives you mad?' And it seems they were all too eager to air the dirty laundry.
Here are the top 10 responses from our Facebook poll: (Read all on Facebook/
Note: we have edited some responses for clarity. 

1. "Men I work with and even some customers... scratch their crotch areas in front of other people. I don't think they even know they do it, but it's horrible to notice when they do. I just then look the other way."

2. "Whistling...why does he have to damn well whistle so loudly when he's happy ?"

3. "Leaves the toilet seat up...."

4. "Not picking up after themselves!!!"

5. "Some men think burping and farting loud is funny and it's really NOT!"

6. "Snoring, smoking"

7. "Some men just drink way too much and eat unhealthy food on a daily basis. They know they are overweight, they know their health is in danger and still they live in ignorance."

8. "Picking of toe nails drives me mad ... Or constant clearing the throat - just get up and get some water! Or hogging the TV remote!"

9. "Brushes teeth and not rinsing the basin, leaves the toothpaste without closing the tube and starts taking off socks and shoes as soon as he enters the house!"

10 "....has to be men ignoring you if you speak to them during a football match or while playing games!"

Sounds like women have a lot to say about men's worst habits as a wide variety of habits were revealed including ones that should remain 'private' (If you know what I'm saying).

Now it's time to turn the tables and give the guys a chance to have a say.



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