14 September 2010

Who has a penis piercing?

If you were asked to describe the typical man who gets a genital piercing, what would you say?

If you were asked to describe the typical man who gets a genital piercing – that’s a GP in body modification lingo – what would you say? A young punk deeply into death-metal and BDSM? A middle-aged biker? A hard-living, drug-addicted artist involved in dubious fringe subcultures?

Commenting on this rather unexpected result, Professor Alden Roberts, one of the researchers, said: “if you look at the data, these men are not much different from the general population.” The scientists analysed online questionnaires completed by 445 men from 26 countries, ranging in age from 15 to 72, who had a total of 656 GPs between them.

  • Prince Albert:                                 56%
  • Frenum or Frenum Ladder:        36%
  • Hafada:                                           10%
  • Apadravya:                                      10%
  • Ampallang:                                      8%
  • Guice:                                               7%
  • Dydoe:                                              6%
  • Foreskin:                                          6%
  • Other:                                                9%

  • 93% said they would do it again;
  • 81% said that it improved their sexual pleasure;
  • 71% believe it helped them express their sexuality;
  • 67% stated that it made them feel unique;
  • 67% claimed it improved their partner’s sexual pleasure; and
  • 64% think it helped their genitals look better.

  • 25% of the participants reported a change in urinary flow;
  • 5% experienced problems using condoms (go figure!); and
  • 10% said that their partners refused to have sex with them after the piercing.



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