Updated 11 March 2014

6 instant workouts

You don't have time, but just need to exercise. Well, here are six exercises to do during your busy day.

There's a lot of us who can definitely do with ANY extra exercise we can find! Yet, we just do not have time to spend hours in gym and sculpt the perfect bodies.

Well, here are six handy tips to get some exercise done during your busy day.

1. No Parking?
Are you one of those people who slowly drive up and down in the shopping centre’s parking area to try to get to the closest spot at the entrance…ignoring the open spaces further away? In the process, your blood pressure rises violently because the family of six is taking so much time to load their shopping bags into the car – and you want their parking space. In addition, you’ve added to the air pollution problem.

Tip: There is a better and healthier way! Park your car further away from your destination and brisk walk the rest of the way.

2. Up and down you go!
How often do we wait to use the lift instead of taking the stairs? Yet, we go to gymand use the Stairclimber. Crazy, huh?

Tip: You can burn enough calories opting for the stairs and enjoy afternoon tea with a clear conscience.

3. Weightlifting
Trolley for trolley is not always the best thing! Using trolleys with a mind of their own at the supermarket doesn’t help those stress levels!

Tip: Carry your own shopping bags for a change and give your upper body a strength workout.

4. Squeeze and lift and squeeze and lift
We all spend hours standing in a queue at the bank, post office and grocery store. (When will we ever learn not to buy those Lotto cards on a Saturday night?)

Tip: Use that time to squeeze your butt, pull in your stomach muscles and do calf and toe raises. Double tip: But do it unobtrusively!

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5. Get Handy!
Got flimsy forearms? Have nothing to do with your hands at work? (Don’t tell your boss!)

Tip: A good way of developing strong forearms is to get your hands on those little rubber stress-reliever balls. Some people play with them at work, in front of the television, and while they speak on the phone. It’s also a good stress reliever!

6. Flex and stretch
Is the only time you flex your muscles when that *$&@# swerves in front of you on the road?

Tip: Be conscious of flexing your muscles throughout the day. It can make the world of difference to your muscle tone. Take time out during your busy schedule to do stretching exercises.

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