23 November 2009

Prostate resources

All you ever wanted to know about your prostate

If you’re looking for information about your prostate, you've come to the right place. Health24 has a comprehensive prostate health centre with loads of great articles about the prostate and prostate cancer.


Prostate: Everything you need to know by Yosh Taguchi

Prostate Tales: Men's Experiences with Prostate Cancer by Ross E. Gray

How to Prevent Prostate Problems: A Complete Guide to the Essentials of Prostate Health by Frank Murray

The Natural Prostate Cure: A Practical Guide to Using Diet & Supplements in a Healthy Prostate by Roger Mason

Prostate Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients by Jane Smith, Kieran Jefferson and Raj Persad

Battling Prostate Cancer: Getting from "Why Me" to "What Next" by Marvin Andrew McMickle

Voices from the Prostate Underground by Dave Pratt

How We Survived Prostate Cancer: What We Did and What We Should Have Done by Victoria Hallerman

Online discussion forums

There are several very useful discussion forums about prostate health and prostate cancer on the internet that will let you share your own experiences and help you find answers to your questions. Here are some of them:

The Cancer Forums Prostate Cancer Forum

I have prostate cancer

Topix Prostate Cancer Forum

HealingWell Prostate Cancer Forum

More prostate info:

The lowdown on the prostate

The dreaded prostate exam

Prostate cancer

Health24 prostate health centre

(Andreas Späth, Health24, November 2009)



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