Updated 29 April 2015

A perfume that smells better the more you sweat?

Sweat could soon smell a whole lot sweeter as scientists have develop a perfume that smells better the more you sweat, while taking away bad body odours.

Scientists in Britain have developed the first perfume which smells better the more you sweat and reduces body odour.

Researchers at Queen's University Belfast said in a statement that the new perfume "releases more of its aroma when it comes into contact with moisture".

The fragrance uses as a delivery system an ionic liquid - salt in the form of liquid - with no smell.

"The perfumed ionic liquid releases its aroma when it comes into contact with water, allowing more of the perfume's scent to be released onto a person's skin," the Queen's University Ionic Liquid Laboratories (QUILL) said.

The new perfume could also take away bad odours.

"The thiol compounds that are responsible for the malodour of sweat are attracted to the ionic liquid, attaching themselves to it and losing their potency," the scientists said.

Queen's University said it was already working with a perfume company on practical applications and project leader Nimal Gunaratne said it had "great commercial potential".

Gunaratne said that it could also be used for other scientific applications when the slow release of substances is required.

"This is an exciting breakthrough," he said.

They recently published their findings in the journal Chemical Communications.

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