01 November 2009

How the penis works

If you feel more at home under the hood of a car than in front of a diagram of the anatomy of the male private parts, you might want to read this.

Whether they refer to them as their “crown jewels”, or their “private part”, or whether they prefer not to talk about them at all, most men know precious little about their reproductive organs - the penis and its associated bits and bobs. The majority of us would probably feel more at home under the hood of a car than in front of a diagram of the anatomy of the male privates.

The penis consists of three main parts: the base, where it is attached to your lower abdomen, the shaft, which forms the elongate bit and the head, which is also referred to as the glans. Although it is abundantly supplied with nerve endings, it may come as a surprise that the human penis doesn’t contain any bones. Not so much a “boner” then after all...

prostate gland and the seminal vesicles, creating that sticky concoction known to all of us as semen.

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