Updated 14 September 2015

How men can lose belly fat

Contrary to popular belief, weight management isn't just a female concern.


Contrary to popular belief, weight management isn't just a female concern.

In fact, more and more men are taking an interest in the size of their bodies – and finding that they're not at all happy with the shape it's in. Are you one of them?

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Here are a few weight-loss tips for guys:

jump on the water wagon or reduce your alcohol intake to one drink every second day;

cut sweetened cold drinks from your diet and drink non-calorific beverages like soda water, sparkling or still water, or artificially sweetened cold drinks;

either reduce the portions you eat (i.e. have a 200 g steak instead of a 500 g steak) or cut down on fat intake in general;

stick to fat-burning exercises if possible – men like to work out with weights and build muscles when they train, but these exercises will not burn fat as effectively as cardio exercises, such as running or swimming.

Find out why men don't pick up weight so easily.



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