Are you practical?

Some people seem able to cope with just about any eventuality. Left alone on a desert island, they would build a house, catch their own food, and probably find a way of attracting rescuers.

Others would simply huddle under a palm tree and hope for the best. Where do you feature on this scale?

The following questions are designed to sort out the practical, ‘I can turn my hand to anything’ types from the hopelessly helpless. In these days of sexual equality I have deliberately made no distinction between tasks more usually carried out by one sex or another. My position is that to be regarded as really practical today, you should be able to build a brick wall or bake a cake with equal ease.

Can you do woodwork repairs?

Can you repair a window?

Can you look after children?

Are you a good gardener?

Can you mend a fuse?

Can you organise an office?

Can you repair a car?

Can you replace a tap washer?

Can you provide First Aid?

Can you remove a bee sting?

Can you decorate a room?

Can you change a flat?

Can you wash clothes?

Can you cook a three-course meal?

Can you decorate a Christmas tree?

Can you lay a patio?

Can you pilot a plane?

Can you French-polish a garden?

Can you grow vegetables successfully

Can you knit?

Can you repair a computer?

Can you drive a large van?

Can you solve a crossword puzzle?

Can you understand the layout of a central heating system?

Can you operate a video recorder?

Can you dance a tango?

Can you drive a car?

Can you mend broken toys?

Can you darn a sock?

Can you climb ladders?

Can you replace a flat battery on a car?

Can you ride a bicycle?

Can you water ski?

Can you ride a horse?

Can you play a sport up to club?

Can you fill in your tax return without a mistake?

Can you climb a tall tree?

Can you repair defective gutters?

Can you build a brick wall?

Can you repair a broken vase?

Can you understand the electrical circuitry of your house?

Can you ride a motorcycle?

Can you erect a shelf?

Can you paint a house to a professional standard?

Can you lay a concrete path?

Can you replace a broken roof tile?

Can you iron clothes?

Can you lay a carpet expertly?

Can you lay a lawn using grass seed?

Can you speak a second language?