31 October 2018

The best recovery fuel plus 8 other food truths from Bertus Basson

Learn how this top chef likes to fuel up, no matter the occasion.

Celebrated Chef Bertus Basson is a household name. The remarkable chef found his way onto our screens with the Ultimate Braai Master, and into our stomachs with the food served at his extraordinary restaurants. His offerings include Overture (which is surrounded by picturesque views), Spek & Bone, Bertus Basson at Spice Route, De Vrije Burger and Eike in Stellenbosch.

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The incredible chef embraces local cuisine, and is a firm believer in celebrating local heritage.

Recently, we hosted a Masterclass with Bertus, where he taught guys how to make healthy meals that taste amazing. Before things got cooking, we sat down with him to pick his brain about how he fuels up – from a big night out to after a workout.

What is your go-to recovery fuel after training?  

“Smoothies with some protein, a lot of peanut butter and bananas, but I think before you train, the most important thing is just a fruit salad, just to get the energy burning and flowing.”

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Beef or chicken?

“A bit of both, beef and chicken, but I prefer chicken most days because I find red meat to be quite heavy so I like the lighter proteins like fish and chicken.”

Five food items you should always have in your cupboard?

“Salt, butter; I know butter is fatty but it builds flavour. I’m big on cheese, you can stretch a little bit of cheese a long way, it can go for everything pretty much. Good juice, I think good juice is important to everybody, and avocados – man, avocado everywhere is always a good idea.”

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Watch the video below to find out what his last meal on earth would be, what he eats after a big night out, and more. (Don’t forget to click subscribe, too).

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