23 April 2013

One man will rule them all

BAR.ONE Manhunt Season 3 will soon be exploding onto SABC 1.


The much anticipated Nestle BAR.ONE Manhunt Season 3 will broadcast exclusively on SABC 1, starting on 30 July at 21:00. Viewers will be kept on the edge of their seats for 13 riveting episodes of this high octane, reality television show where 16 finalists will compete in tough physical and mental challenges for the title of the Ultimate BAR.ONE Man and prizes to the value of R1 million.

Season 3 of the BAR.ONE Manhunt will take the contestants and the viewers on a journey to discover courage, leadership and integrity on a never-before-seen scale where only one man will emerge triumphant in the face of extreme physical, mental and emotional trials.

This season will start off by revealing the identity of the show’s exciting new mystery host – which is still very hush-hush.

Nestle BAR.ONE Brand Manager, Hloni Mohope, comments: “Both seasons of BAR.ONE Manhunt were highly successful and hence, the brand will now continue to build further on the concept with the launch of season 3. The 3rd instalment of the BAR.ONE Manhunt series ties into the core values of the Nestle BAR.ONE brand and is a platform for men to illustrate their abilities, in order to uncover the ultimate BAR.ONE man that all South African men can aspire towards”.

Various secret locations have been sought out specifically to challenge and thrill viewers and contestants alike. Filming will take place in an undisclosed, exotic overseas location as well as across South Africa’s own magnificent Western Cape.

BAR.ONE Manhunt 3 is not for the fainthearted as this time, even more than in the previous seasons, contestants will have to dig deep to show that they are everything a BAR.ONE Man should be at all times – with qualities that include great physically capability, strong leadership and problem solving skills, compassion for others, enough charm to win over men and women and the confidence to inspire others as well as follow them. He should be a down-to-earth, street smart kind of rugged gentleman who’ll save the damsel in distress and the beer keg to boot.

He should be valiant as well as patient with a mind as agile as his body. He should be a real man – with real values, real motivation, a real taste for adventure, a really good sense of humour – have an impeccable sense of style and above all a real sense of authenticity. In essence he should be the man who, when the going gets tough, is able to motivate himself and others to get going. This season will give us a BAR.ONE man that will rule them all.

Entries are now open and contestants can register online at  The short-listed candidates will be auditioned at the three main centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

BAR.ONE Manhunt Season 3 aims to build a stronger bond between the brand and its core consumers with an exhilarating and gripping reality series that best demonstrates the brand core values by leading a group of exceptional male contestants through a rigorous series of challenges that will reveal a man that epitomises the everyday hero – the ultimate BAR.ONE Man.

For the latest news and announcements on BAR.ONE Manhunt Season 3, please visit the website.




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