28 October 2018

This man gave up junk food and lost 31kg

Daniel Moxham went from chubby to champ in less than a year.

Life isn’t always sugar, spice and all things nice, although it might seem that way for someone with a sweet tooth and a love for junk food. Someone like Daniel Moxham – or at least, the former version of the man.

The 25-year-old from Joburg took a turn for the better after winning a Facebook competition for a month’s free gym membership. He went from chubby to champ in less than a year. This is his story.

The problem

“Being taller than your average guy, I was always told that I carried my weight well. Even at school, my height covered my weight, making it look less. After high school I barely did any sporting activity, allowing the kilos to pile on.”

The lesson: Make sure you keep active and eat right, regardless of whether you “carry your weight well” or not. Find the balance between a good diet and regular exercise.

The change

“One day I bent down to tie my shoes, and realised that I couldn’t reach the laces. At that exact moment I realised that I’d completely lost my way. I had to make a lifestyle change now, while I was still at the tender age of 24. Having people to push me in the right direction and constantly motivate me – along with a personalised eating plan – was the perfect formula that I needed to build a new me.”

The lesson: Even though hiding in bigger clothes is an option, your body will always have the final say. So when Daniel struggled to bend down, or sleep well, it was a sign that he needed to take charge.

Junk food

The strategy

“I joined a gym, and went on regular runs, but after two weeks, I lost all motivation. Then I came across Evolution Boxing & Fitness Gym, which offered me the free trial. With a mix of cardio, boxing and weight training, and the guidance of my coach, Evolution became my second home. I trained at least six times a week, and followed my eating plan strictly. Discipline became my greatest ally.”

The lesson: Surround yourself with supportive people. A small gym that focuses on teamwork and the concept of family will ease you into your new lifestyle, and help eliminate your doubts.

The result

“Instead of being obsessed with fizzy drinks and takeaways, I’m now addicted to training. After 11 months of giving my all and taking on different obstacles along the way, I’ve never felt this good. I remember back in high school, I couldn’t do a push-up – now I can do 30 in under a minute. Looking back, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, and I can’t wait for what comes next.”

The lesson: A fit mentality is the best sign of progress. Being fitter and stronger doesn’t only allow you to feel better on the outside; it builds your confidence in your daily life. You’ll feel great everywhere!

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Image credit: Garreth Barclay


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