19 November 2009

What to tell your hairstylist

Proper communication between you and your hairstylist may make the difference between you loving and hating your new hair cut.

If you came in for a quick trim and clean-up and walked out with blond streaks and a perm, it’s fair to say that there’s been a major breakdown in communications between you and your hairstylist. Our hair guru Brian Oosthuizen gives us the low down on what your stylist needs to know to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

You wake up one morning and your hair looks terrible! “How did it get to this?” you think to yourself. You can’t seem to do anything with it and you suddenly remember your other half telling you a week ago to please cut your hair! The days of men not looking after themselves are long gone. I’m not saying go out and buy a ghd and hairspray, but men should just look neat and tidy (Note from the editor: for all the hair technology ignoramus, like myself, a “ghd” is a state-of-the-art straightening iron).

So you are going to go to a hairstylist you’ve never been to before. What will you tell him or her? Well, the more you tell them the better. No, not about your personal life, just about your hair…for now! Discussing the cut you want with your new stylist is really important. Don’t be afraid to disagree when necessary. It’s your hair…not theirs! Here are just a few things to consider:

How much shorter would you like your hair?

Obviously you came to have a haircut, but your hairstylist can’t tell if you’re looking for a trim or a complete revamp without you telling him or her. Always agree on the length you would like cut off before the cutting starts - duh! Remember: “short” means short. In order to avoid a stylist going too scissor happy on your head, just be very specific about the length you want.

What did your previous stylist do?

Whether it is good or bad we would like to know. If you’re aware of what your previous stylist did to achieve your specific look, let your new stylist know.

Do you do anything with your hair in the morning?

Tell your stylist if you would like something easy or if you can spend time on your hair in the mornings. This way he or she will know whether to cut you a style that needs no maintenance or one that will require more time in front of the mirror than even Kurt Darren could tolerate.

What do you particularly like or dislike about your hair?

Let your stylist know what you enjoy about your hair and what you find irritating. Be sure to especially mention what you like - when it’s off, it’s too late!

What products do you use?

Your stylist will be able to assist you with the correct products to use for your specific type of hair. Don’t just use whatever you find in the shower: hair products aren’t things that should necessarily be shared between partners!

What details are important to you?

This can range from a natural back and neckline to some length over the ears. Small things can make a big difference in you either loving your hair cut or hating it!

Oh, and a final suggestion: don’t forget to tip.

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Brian Oosthuizen is the resident hair stylist at the awesome Glasshouse grooming emporium for men in Green Point, Cape Town (call: 021 419 9599/8 or 071 402 4664).


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