30 July 2003

Top shaving tips

Here are some shaving tips to make this daily ritual as pleasant as possible.

  • A wet shave has a peeling effect and makes for good skin care, unless you have acne or other skin problems. A wet shave, in this instance could make skin problems worse.
  • A dry shave is quick and easy. A quick washing of the face will soften facial hair.
  • Foam and gel have two purposes – they clean the skin and soften the surface to make a smooth shave possible.
  • If your face has been washed with warm water, it will soften the facial hair even more and make a close shave so much easier.
  • It is a good idea to leave the foam, gel or soap on your face for at least two minutes before you shave. Doing this will also increase the lifespan of your razor.
  • Shaving in the direction of the hair growth first is preferable if you have problems with ingrown hairs.
  • Remember that a dry facial hair can be as hard as a copper wire and probably needs to be moistened with warm water, shaving cream or gel, before you shave it off.
  • Shave the chin and the upper lips for last, as the hair in these two places is the most stubborn and the longer they are covered by shaving cream or gel or soap, the softer they will be when you shave them.
  • Rinse your razor often while shaving, in order to prevent blockages in the razor that may create the impression that it was blunt.
  • After shaving, first rinse your face with hot water and then with cold to close the pores.
  • If you suffer from razor burn or ingrown hairs or if your skin is very sensitive, think twice before using aftershave, as it has such a high alcohol content.

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