14 May 2010

Men's grooming products: May '10

Another month, another great selection of brand new men's grooming products to keep you looking good!

Another month, another great selection of brand new men's grooming products to keep you looking good!

Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash, R180.00 for 285ml

Reviewer: JP Strauss, IT specialist

This body wash is quite a nice change from the usual products in that it actually does what it claims. I felt refreshed and invigorated after using it. The perfume/cologne lingers longer than that of my usual shower gel and the smell is quite pleasant, without falling into the same trap of being too feminine which some other gels tend to do. What’s really nice is that this hydrating gel does its job of cleaning your body without drying out your skin. It’s strong enough to give you a good clean, but gentle enough to keep your skin soft and smooth. Baxter of California Invigorating Body Wash is a nice product overall and I’ll certainly buy it again. Get this mild facial cleanser which is suitable for daily use and all complexions from, “South Africa’s only one-stop online shop for the urban man”.

Antonio Banderas Seduction in Black EDT, R545 for 100ml

Reviewer: N. Petersen, 36, manager

Usually, I am not keen on trying perfumes created by movie stars. But I have to admit that I really loved this one. I even found myself going to smell his other fragrance ‘Seduction in Blue’ which has a crisp, fresh smell. I prefer the warm, woody and masculine scent of ‘Seduction in Black’ which is combined with exotic spices. The fragrance is not overwhelming but has sensual notes that do not fade throughout the day. The role that Antonio Banderas usually plays in the movies is that of a man with charm, confidence and lots of charisma which makes all the woman swoon over him, while the rest of the men wonder what he has that they don’t. I think ‘Seduction in Black’ describes this to the T! When I wear this eau de toilet, I feel confident and sexy… my wife finds me irresistible! It smells great and the package is stylish. I’m definitely stocking up on this fragrance.

Adidas Soothing After Shave Balm, R79.95

Reviewer: E. Meiring, 28, tax consultant

I am really enjoying using this new Adidas after shave balm. It actually does what it says on the box: "Calms Razor Burns". It contains Pro-vitamin B5 which stimulates the healing of the skin and at the same time provides deep nourishment. This product is perfect for dry skin like mine and helps combat the negative effects of shaving. In my line of work I see clients on a regular basis and have to be neat, so I shave almost every day. After shaving I usually get a rash and ingrown hair, but since I’ve been using this balm, my skin doesn’t even show the effect of my razor. It is as if I never shaved. My skin feels soft and it smells great. I even feel refreshed at work which is a plus. The entire Adidas Skin care range which was developed with athletes and contains a unique combination of natural ingredients like green tea, green coffee, Syrian angelica and Indian pongamia is available from selected Edgars, Red Square and Clicks stores, Dis-Chem, leading pharmacies, The Hub and selected Pick ‘n Pay stores nationwide. International football legend, Zinedine Zidane, has described the range as ‘The Best for my Skin’.

Woolworths men’s skin: Skin Conditioning Shaving Cream, R69.95

Reviewer: Bryan Porter, online publisher 

I like the packaging of the Woolworth’s men’s skin range. Understated grey, giving you the feeling that it does what it says on the tin. Like all of the products in this range, this shaving cream was specifically formulated for men's skin. I really appreciate the fact that it works for all skin types, is free of harsh ingredients and comes endorsed by Beauty without Cruelty.  I do have a couple of issues with the product - I generally prefer a gel or foam to a cream, it was a little tricky to use and has a somewhat sticky consistency, but after I completed shaving, my skin felt clean and moisturised. You can find Woolworth's men's skin care range at more than 70 stores countrywide.

Porsche The Essence Intense, R 720.00 for 50ml

Reviewer: Andrew Luyt, freelance journalist

Wow! Wow! Wow! I absolutely love this eau de toilette. The “bottle” is sleek, black, modern and as mysterious as that strange monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey. But the smell is just straight out of boy fragrance heaven! It’s smooth, sophisticated, rich and, well… intense. The warm, sensual scent lingers forever and consistently turns heads. I’m not boasting when I say that every time I put it on, I get compliments wherever I go. And all of that before you even mention that it’s Porsche – every man’s boyhood dream. I’ve decided to give my bottle to my dad – he’s always wanted to own a Porsche and until now he’s not been able to afford one. Not before I’ve bought another bottle for myself, though. This is a quintessentially classic, yet sporty and vibrant male fragrance – the very definition of refined style and class. Get it!

Billy Jealousy White Knight Facial Cleanser, R270.00 for 225ml

Reviewer: Denzil Daniels, digital designer

After some bad experiences I thought I’d never use a face wash again, but unlike other products that actually used to burn my face, Billy Jealousyis gentle on my skin. This facial cleanser is made of natural ingredients like eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, has a nice fragrance and leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and soothed. It’s free of nasty artificial ingredients but still strong enough to thoroughly remove any dirt, grime and impurities from your skin. I have relatively sensitive skin, but this product does its job gently enough not to leave it either dry or irritated. I would say this product is a must for people who are looking for a good, reliable face wash for every day. Buy it online at now.

L’Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Anti-Sagging Moisturising Cream, R129.95

Reviewer: T. Africa, 50 – administrator at a financial institution

I love the way this cream feels on my skin, it is not greasy like the other products that I’ve tried. It is very easy to use and to apply. The nozzle allows for gentle release and seals in the moisture. Although my wife apparently doesn't like the smell too much, she really loves the touch of my face against her skin. I’ve been using this moisturizing cream for quite some time now and I think I can attest that there are real anti-sagging benefits. My skin feels and looks firmer and, well… younger. Even some my wrinkles are starting to look a little less severe. So who says one has to look old at 50! This is an excellent product and I highly recommend it for the “older”, more distinguished gentleman.

Axe Twist Deodorant Bodyspray, 21.99

Reviewer: Benjamin Cluver, sales representative

I’m out on the road, meeting new clients every day. I simply can’t afford to smell badly and body odour is a constant battle whether it’s during hot and sweaty summer days or when I’m all wrapped up in winter clothing. First impressions with clients are everything and this new Axe Twist Deodorant Bodyspray gives me the confidence and fresh smell I need all day, every day. The fragrance is clean, fruity, minty and sexy – a winner all-round. And the can is something else! Its cool black and metallic green and yellow design is really edgy and you know how you constantly lose the lids of your deodorant cans? Well not with Axe Twist: the lid is built into the can itself and quick twist of the clever mechanism reveals the spray nozzle. This is good design that really works and this is a great product in every way.


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