25 March 2010

Men's grooming products: March '10

Need the right stuff to clean your face, moisturise your skin and make yourself smell real good? Our latest reviews of grooming products just for guys provide all the answers.

Need the right stuff to clean your face, moisturise your skin and make yourself smell real good? Our latest reviews of grooming products just for guys provide all the answers.


Dermalogica Clean Bar, R260.00 for 142g

Reviewer: Neville Botha, IT consultant

The first thing I was happy to learn about the Dermalogica Clean Bar is that it’s not a soap. It is in fact a soap-free, non-irritating cleansing bar. That might not sound important to you, but if your skin, especially in your face, get’s really irritated, tight and dried out when you use conventional soap, this is very important information. I’ve tried just about any “soap” - liquid and solid - out there, but after finding this product, the search for a skin cleanser that works for me is officially over. The clean bar produces a rich lather that removes any grime and oiliness without depriving my skin of moisture. It contains natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil as well as soothing anti-inflammatory agents like oatmeal. This product works for all skin types and I’ve been particularly impressed by its gentle yet thorough cleaning and conditioning effect on my particularly sensitive skin. It’s a winner and I highly recommend it.

Colgate Plax Whitening mouth wash, R30.99 for 250ml

Reviewer: Tinus Loubscher, building manager

For years I’ve been embarrassed about my discoloured teeth. I don’t smoke and my dentist, who is a bit baffled by my less than sparkling smile tells me that my problem is probably related to my diet or even my stomach function - go figure. Whatever it is, I don’t like it and through the years I’ve tried various teeth whitening products. Some of them work reasonably well, others don’t do a thing, but most of them, to be frank, are quite a mission to use. For the last month and a half I’ve been using Colgate’s Plax Whitening mouth wash and I’m really impressed by the results. My teeth aren’t completely white yet, but they’re definitely getting there and I’ve noticed a major improvement. What makes this product a real pleasure to use is that all you have to do is give your mouth a good rinse after you brush your teeth in the morning and evening and that’s it. As an added bonus, you get a breath-freshening rinse and the benefits of special plague protection ingredients.

Woolworths CLEAN Marine Mineral Wash, R75.00 for 150ml

Reviewer: Andrew Lewis, freelance writer

I’m really excited that Woolies are now also catering for us guys when it comes to quality skin care products and the CLEAN Marine Mineral Wash, which is the first product out of their new range that I have tried, does not disappoint. It cleans my skin thoroughly while noticeably moisturizing it at the same time. This clear, fragrance-free gel comes in a handy squeeze tube that fits neatly into my gym bag. The product is endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and contains a list of carefully selected natural ingredients including bioactive sea salt, wheat proteins and prickly pear extract and no harsh chemicals or mineral oils. After having tried this, I can’t wait to give some of the other Woolworths men’s skin goodies a try.

Lentheric Solo Ignite Parfum Pour Homme, R189.95 for 50ml

Reviewer: Oliver Coetzer, musician

I’ve been using this new eau de toilet from Lentheric for the last while and it has really impressed me. The scent is clean, fresh and citrusy without being too sweet. While wearing this I’ve had more than one person, even some that I’ve never met before in my life, comment on how “nice” I smelled. Knowing that even strangers think that has given me a lot of confidence. I really love this fragrance and at the affordable price I’ve taken to using it as my everyday “personal signature” smell. Great stuff. It’s also available as a deodorant body spray.

Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body Lotion, R32.99 for 400ml

Reviewer: Edward Stassen, graphic designer

Some time ago I decided that my body needed more attention in a number of ways. One of my concerns was that my skin gets really dry and irritated. Once I started to look for skin care products especially developed for men, I discovered that there weren’t really many available options when it comes to body lotions. Sure, there are a number of products for use on your face, but those are not generally very useful for the rest of your body. I was excited to find Vaseline’s range of new and improved body lotions especially formulated with men’s skin in mind. I tried the Vaseline Men Extra Strength Body Lotion (the other varieties are Fast Absorbing and Cooling Replenishment). I found this to be a great lotion that’s creamy enough not to be runny while still easy to spread on my skin. It’s effortlessly absorbed without being greasy or oily at all. The fragrance is neutral and pleasant, and the overall effect has given me noticeably more moisturized and healthier looking and feeling skin all over. And it lasts all day! I now use this product every morning and am loving it.

L’Oreal Mineral Control Mess It Up Putty

Reviewer: Ramone Green, video producer

I've been hunting for the perfect product for short hair for years now. While this product isn’t quite it, it’s excellent and about as close to perfect as I’ve found yet. This is a good quality hair putty that will give your head a nice and long-lasting shape, but there's a little bit more residue than I'd like. It's great if you've got seriously stubborn locks, but if your hair doesn't require too much persuasion to get that messed-up look (as with mine), use this putty sparingly to avoid overkill. Otherwise you could be left with a case of late '90s spike-top. My overall impression: this is a good, solid product that’s well worth the price and will help you achieve the look you want. 


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